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Academic Skills Courses

ST DEV 109 Effective Study and Learning

Concentrates on the college learning process. Improve time management, reading, listening, note taking, test preparation, test taking, and develop an effective memory.

ST DEV 150 Public Speaking

Learn time-tested methods for enhancing your ability to connect with, inform and persuade an audience. Top performing students earn scholarships and participate in a speech showcase. For more information go to

ST DEV 205 Surviving College Reading

Learn how to read and comprehend difficult textbooks. Retain more information in less time. This course is especially good for freshmen, sophomores, and any student who feels overwhelmed by the reading loads of their college classes. Download a handout here.

ST DEV 214R Special Topics

Math Modeling

This course is specifically designed for unique student populations, particularly those with math disabilities. Referral to the course and instructor approval is required.

Test Preparation and Test-Taking Strategies

This course helps students identify ways to develop study plans, deal with test questions and explore strategies for test-taking. High emphasis is placed on helping students learn from previous experience about their success and how to improve the possibility of success.